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I never saw myself ever coming back on my blog ever again, I really fucking didn’t, considering that no one ever knew about it. I know my dream was becoming an ambassador and having a popular blog, but that never worked out for me. But hello there, if you guys remember me, I’m Sarahxoxo, or atleast I was, that was my past. I kinda forgot about PlanetCazmo for like five years. Also I noticed PC got deleted so, my childhood is sorta gone too. :\ Anyway, After all the originals left, I left too. A game with a bunch of new people didn’t feel right, that’s like living with your family and getting used to them, and all of them leaving and getting replaced with new people. All the people I met on that game were like my family, I would spend hours after hours with these people, I got so used to them and you all were my older brothers and sisters, if you don’t remember, I was about seven or eight when I played that game. I was pretty much the youngest on that game, but you all looked out and cared for me. I’m pretty sure this is the game that made my internet addiction start, eh? But things are different now but I am very fortunate for the game, and all the people I met. I had my good share of drama on that game, like the time that person made a fake account of me and started talking to Zar677 if you all remember him, he was my boyfriend, sure I had my good share of online boyfriends like Elementskater and talkalot22, but he was my MAIN boyfriend, the one I actually got engaged too via game, at the time I thought that was love, but no. He ended up forgetting about me and never coming to PlanetCazmo ever again, and I sat there everyday, waiting for the day he’d be back. My friend Morgan told me to get over him, move on, find someone else. But I couldn’t. I cared for Zar too much and if he’s reading this, then why would you do that to me because that ruined everything for me at the time, not really a big deal, but at the time, it was huge. Oh, and another drama thing for me was when my former account was Mielycyrus2222, It started a big outrage and I remember coming back and everyone being like “You look like MielyCyrus2222″ and I was so scared everyone would know and hate me again, but everyone did find out, and everyone started to like me. I remember the person that started the outrage for me named Pigly came on and Gamerz was like “Don’t worry, I’m on your side now” I have to thank Pigly though, because if I never got banned, I would have never became Sarahxoxo, I remember Berrybear hated me but after awhile, she started to warm up to me and we became good friends, she’s probably in her twenty’s now, not even thinking about PlanetCazmo. I also remember I really liked Gamerz, but I knew he’d never like me ever. Internet crushes, amirite? lel. But anyhow PlanetCazmo influenced me in so many ways, and I love all of you more than anything. I met most of my best friends there. Morgan, Julia, Monica, Tammy, Gamerz, Dilara, Squddly, Talkalot, Brie, Banilla, Berrybear, Rich Dude, Zar, Nikki, and so many more of you. All of you were awesome and I haven’t forgot any of you, none of you will ever be forgotten. I miss you all so much. I’m fourteen years old now (the big 14, m8)  so times have changed. I have a real relationship now, and I have an internet addiction. but not to any games, and if so, PlanetCazmo will always be better. but I will never forget the PC memories or any of you. PC will live on inside of me. This is the last blog post on here now. But, you all should reconnect with me. Honestly.  If anyone actually does read this, which I highly doubt. Thanks for being apart of my childhood, really. This might be the end of PC, but I’ll remember it forever.

tumblr: ourdre4m.tumblr.com

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saladtouch

instagram: sarahtouch

twitter: https://twitter.com/ghostofsara

email: saraamarii@yahoo.com

These times have been fun, thank you all for everything, thank you for my childhood. love you all, and I fucking mean it. K?


or atleast now…you can just call me Sarah.



I can say with complete honesty that I never thought I’d be looking at this page right now.  Ever again.

This entire blog causes me to reminisce so much. Throughout the good times and the bad times I had with it. When it’d cooperate and when it wouldn’t.

Let me first state the obvious, a lot has changed.

I stopped playing planet cazmo about a year ago, it wasn’t because I was bored or anything. I simply lost my password and disabled my email account. I also broke up with a kid that I was with for almost two years. Like usual, the break up was messy. But it lead me to someone, they’re kind of a big deal in my life right now. I lost touch with the multiple friends I made through Planet Cazmo. They were pretty amazing people. Each and every one of them.

Let me state something even more obvious;

This blog won’t be changing. I plan on keeping it exactly how it is. Why? Memory purposes. Hopefully WordPress sticks around long enough.

If any of you would like to get in touch with me just reply to this post.

I have a tumblr: Here.

You can get in touch there too.

I’m considering turning this more into a blog. Not a continuous one. I’m horrible with that kind of commitment. But I may not.

You’re all wonderful,

– Morgan


Website Under Construction!


I haven’t been on in what, half a year? I haven’t responded to a GAZILLION comments. My blog is a MILLION years outdated. So I’ve decided to just fix it up some, answer a few comments, and post a bit. Maybe, Probably, will create a new page in the mean time.

So from this sentence forward this site is Under Construction.

Thank you.



Today PC came with UPDATES! Along with what every ambassador has been waiting for… THE GOLD AND SILVER AMBASSADOR PROGRAM!!!! Congrats to Black Wolf, Crab, Aejesz, Minnie01, Tape, Bluesweden, AgentCazmo, Champions, and much more! Sadly I didn’t make it 😦 Kinda bummed since I tried my hardest and all, but we’ve got to be a good sport about it right? RIGHT! Ok.. now onto the updates… Ginormous has a new quest! Help him find his clones! Also, three new types of alien reindeers came out to the pet shop! (nonmembers: 40 cc each, members: 20 cc each)


First go to the neighborhood to find Ginormous Ridonkulous.

Go to these places to find his clones:

Now go back to Ginormous, and get a reward of 200 coinz! And a chance to be in his very own talkshow coming soon!

~New Reindeer Pets~

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An Old Video



morgie i know you havent been paying alot of attention to this blog but  figured it was the only way to contact you. I was wondering if we can meet sometime someday on Cazmo.

Sincerely, A friend


More Updates!

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new hair

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